Current Projects

A current listing of projects in active development with our various clients and partners. Each project has an outline of roughly how long we've been working on them along with highlights of what we've done to and for our clients.

FASA Games Logo
FASA Games Web Initiative

We were brought in to help FASA Games start their Wiki project for their various game systems and will be hosting and maintaining them once they officially launch (currently in beta). These wiki's will contain the rules, details of mechanics of the various games starting with Earthdawn.

But wait! There's more! We're also spearheading the endeavour to bring all of their games online and all to enjoy! This will take several years to complete but we're confident we'll get them all done. We will be adding links here as we officially release each product to the wild.

Since October 2022

RateMyTeachers Owen

We started work on after performing a due diligence on the previous iteration of the site. About 6 months afterwards, we started a ground up re-write of the entire stack in Ruby on Rails.

Unique challenges to this project is the ever changing legal landscape and what needed to be changed to be in compliance with both GDPR and CCPA.

One of the more challenging aspects of this project was combining 6 databases from 5 different servers into 1 without duplicating data and re-linking it all.

To this day we continue to support the IT infrastructure of the site along with any additional features and bug fixes that may arise to ensure it stays within compliance with all laws.

Since May 2018


An internal project for Myriddian used for collection of various pieces of data from all across the US, normalize it, then provide an API end point for later processing for downstream clients.

Project has been written in Ruby on Rails and was originally running on the 3.x series of Rails on Ruby 1.8.7 suffering from Unicode errors. Over the years, we've brought the code base to user Ruby 3.0 and Rails 6.1, fixing and normalizing Unicode issues. Added thousands of tests and enforced unicode compliance. Was a massive undertaking but we welcomed the challenge.

Project is currently undergoing a general security update by dockerizng the application, removing node_modules support, and moving towards Ruby 3.2 and Rails 7.0.

Since Aug 2013